Monday, March 16, 2009

8 Ball Questions...not of the cocaine variety

So, as it's often apt to do, hanging out with Lauren this weekend and again today cause we're awesome like that...has prompted some questions...Things that I've often thought of before, but she always brings out the super thinker in me. And well, I figure that if the thoughts are good enough to appear in my head, they might just be good enough to commit to paper (or blogosphere, if you will -- and I will).

We were talking, the good Mich and I, about what we should be doing with our lives...because when we're not talking about gossip girl or high school musical or awesome acapella singers...we like to talk about other "big world issues."

I'm slowly realizing that this blog is becoming a vehicle for top 5's or top 10's or whatever have you, and I think I should just kinda make peace with it...

So, for your enjoyment: The top 5 jobs I would like to have if I could do them right now and money were no object. It is only money, after all.

1) Make up artist/marketing maven for M-A-C Cosmetics: 
- I get to move to Toronto where they are based. CHA-CHING. I've only been trying to get back there since I was a wee tike.
- I get make up and LOTS of it. It's kinda my favorite toy on the planet. Sweet deal.
- I get to work for an amazing company that is both fun, and worthy...they do amazing things with non-profit stuff. Seriously. Viva Glam...check that ish out. It's no joke.

2) Own a B&B...Yes friends, ever since I saw Nights in Rodanthe, I was sold...I want THAT house, and I want it NOW. And if I can't have it, I would settle for running a little place where people would come to escape the mundane and the miserable. Maybe I could throw some party planning in weddings and things of that nature from the confines of my fine establishment...

3) High School English Teacher...scary molding young minds. All your kids are perverts at the drop of a hat, you lose faith in the public school education forum...ok...maybe this one was a bad call.

4) Promotions for bands: Cause dude...getting free tickets is EVER so sick. Plus, name me one person that doesn't love being exposed to music...good or's kinda like pizza if it's live...if everyone loves it, it's this overwhelming outer body experience that you get to share and if you all hate it, you get to throw things at the stage. I freakin LOVE live ish, people.

5) Life coach cause you know that idea of those who can't do, teach? Well, I figure the same thing applies to just about every damn profession. I can't live my life the way that I want maybe, and I can't sustain a relationship for myself but guess what!? I can probably work magic with yours. So, why not give me a try, right? It's kinda like I'm asking you to date me now...not sure how I feel about that...still...

So yeah...I dunno...It all changes with the wind...sorta like the weather in New England, but you know, I'm a fickle girl, what can I say?

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  1. What about archaeologist? How phat would that be?